Friday, 3 February 2017

Thank you card and puppies

Well I had every intention of putting up a blog earlier then this unfortunately I wasn't able to access my craft room due to a robbery leaving it in disarray and having to wait for forensics to clean. Good news is they didn't take any of my beautiful craft things, they did take our camera but with some awesome work from the police we got that back the very next day.

We were also broken into back in December and had been saving to get extra security measures in place as soon as we could, unfortunately we couldn't get it done soon enough. However thanks to our amazing family we are able to get our house secure so hopefully no one else will be able to violate our privacy like this again.

So once I cleaned up the house and got my craft room sorted I decided I should make some thank you cards for those in our family who have helped us make securing our home possible. So far I have only made one, I have found it very hard to turn my brain from stressing to crafting but will hopefully put a few more together over the next few days even if they are the same.


I hope you enjoy this simple card, the hardest part was lining up the delicate details stamp set to make it stretch the whole 6" of the card, but with a few simple steps I found it rather simple. Can you spot the seams?

To achieve this I used the Stampin' Up! grid paper to help keep my lines straight and after stamping and embossing the first image I placed a piece of clear plastic cut from a sandwich bag over the stamped image leaving the smallest bit of gold sticking out. From here I lined the stamp up overlapping the previously stamped image and stamped down before applying the embossing powder. 

By protecting the already stamped image you don't risk making the pattern look muddy if you don't stamp it exactly right, allowing for a margin of error without making the error totally noticeable.
Feel free to ask me any questions if needed, if my above instructions don't seem clear I apologise it's been a stressful few days but I am more then happy to help in any way I can if anyone wants help extending their lace patterns.

Click on the products below to purchase them and make your own masterpieces.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend no matter what you do, I for one will be celebrating my baby boy Rocket's 1st Birthday tomorrow by having all my friends and their dogs over for a play. I will be sure to take some pictures with our recovered computer and share it with you. :)

Which reminds me I haven't introduced you all to my babies yet so here they are my babes, Rocket and his baby sister Luna. They also have 2 feline brothers who might feature in another blog.

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