Thursday, 9 February 2017

Sad day to be a Stamp

Hey, so I haven't been able to make any cards the last few days as I have been busy with work and going to Jungle Body classes. I got home this afternoon after work and was excited to find my Sarahrious Crafts stamp that I ordered off Etsy had arrived! If your interested in your own stamp or stationary you should definitely check out Paper Lux Stationery over on Etsy, she was amazing to deal with and her stamps are top quality .

I was soo excited and immediately stamped a test image on some scrap paper, I was very impressed with the workmanship and although the stamp wasn't cheap I was thrilled with the outcome and not at all sorry I purchased it.

I apologize for the poor image quality, I was eager to share the stamp and didn't take the time to take a decent picture assuming I would have plenty of time to do that... Unfortunately I have 2 very naughty beagles, and an hour after getting home I made the mistake of going to the bathroom and not locking them out of my craft room.

I came back 2 minutes later to this.. 

My beautiful new stamp had been beagled, at this point I am not talking to the naughty babes, due to unfortunate life events lately I am unable to replace it at this time and that makes me very sad as I was hoping to use this on my cards and package them so I could look into possibly selling some. I still hope to do this but it will have to take a back seat for the moment, as car services, puppy de-sexing, cat vaccinations, security systems and eye tests need to take priority.

I hope all of your days were better then mine became, I am going to have a scotch, an early night and in the morning I shall play in the craft room and have fun making more cards until I can afford to reorder this well crafted stamp again.

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