Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Hey everyone! I want to dedicate this post to one amazing person, unfortunately I don't know who they are, however I hope the read this so in some way I can give them the enormous thank you they deserve, and I hope that their life is filled with nothing but good things. Your probably wondering what I am rambling on about so let me tell you the story and hopefully I can articulate it properly, I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude however that if I ramble or repeat myself I hope you can forgive me.

So you may or may not have seen my post on the 9th of this month, entitled Sad day to be a Stamp, for those who haven't let me give you a brief overview. I treated myself to a personalized stamp off of Etsy, I wanted to be able to use this stamp on my cards and other craft exploits in order to promote Sarahrious Crafts. It arrived and I was so thrilled, the quality was amazing and I couldn't wait to use it, unfortunately my adorable but evil puppies got a hold of it and ate it.

Now due to being broken into and having to arrange new security measures I was unable to go ahead and purchase a new stamp and after the break ins and attempted break ins we had been dealing with my stamp being beagled had been the straw that broke the camels back, making me more upset over it then I probably should have been.

By the morning I had come to terms with the fact that it would be at least a minimum of a few weeks probably more before I could reorder my stamp. I went about my days and weeks and got back on with life again, trying not to dwell on the bad that had already happened this year. 

Sorry that didn't end up being all that brief but now onto the amazing, incredible overwhelming part of this story, I messaged the etsy seller, who I had warned I would be reordering from due to my stamp becoming an expensive chew toy, to tell her I was ready to reorder my stamp. This was the message I got back in return.

Hi Sarah,
Someone who thought that you could use some good karma already bought you a new stamp. You should have it in a couple days, it is in the mail. 😊
~ Melissa

At first I thought she must have taken pity on me and organised a replacement for me but no, she informed me that someone had contacted her and purchased my stamp for me and asked that she not tell me who they are. I was so overwhelmed I sat in my craft room staring at the computer screen sobbing, I could not believe after everything that had been going on this year so far someone had done this amazing thing for me.

I still have no idea who it was, only that they must have read my blog as this is the only forum I had shared the link to the store. So long story short I just want to say the biggest thankyou to that person whoever you are, your incredibly kind act has restored my faith in the human race after being exposed to so much of the bad and just in general helped give me a brighter outlook on my life at this trying time. I hope I am able to brighten someones life even a fraction of the amount you have for me.

I know I can't send this card to whoever this is but I just had to make this special thank you card to share with this blog post, as this is the only means I have of saying thank you. I chose to forgo my usual watermark today and use my beautiful new stamp in my pictures instead.

I'm sorry for the long rambling post, I am just so incredibly touched by this gesture and wanted to show it in anyway I could. I hope you all have an amazing night tonight and I hope something happens this week to make you Smile.

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