Saturday, 4 February 2017

Rocket's 1st Birthday

Well Rocket's 1st Birthday went well, we had so much fun watching the puppies play and just have fun with friends. I won't do too much talking this post just wanted to share some of the cute pictures today of Rocket playing with his friends.

Charlie the Golden Retriever and Deep the Terrier x

Birthday Boy Rocket

Charlie, Rocket and Ruby the Red Heeler x

Ruby and Charlie

Charlie, Rocket, Ruby and Luna

Charlie putting soooo much effort into tug of war with Ruby

Time for a quick break for Rocket and Luna

Luna and Charlie having a quick siesta

Rocket and Charlie Wrestling

Too tired to play anymore!
They all had a great time and were all exhausted from playtime at the end of it, as for us humans I couldn't think of a better stress reliever after a horrible few days.

Hopefully have some more crafts up for you soon have a fabulous day.

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