Saturday, 11 March 2017

A new challenge and Pool Pics

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take this moment to apologize in my lack of blogging lately, I haven't spent much time in my craft room this last week as we got a new pool and the draw of it proved too great with the humidity we have been having. My youngest puppy Luna loves the pool almost as much as I do and I am not allowed in there without her! I will put some pics up toward the end for you.

I have also been experimenting these last few days and I am looking at starting to do some Facebook live video's showing you how I make my cards. I have set up a group on Facebook for these specific reason and I hope you might consider joining in the fun. I have a poll going at the moment for those in the group to select the first card they want to see.

I would love to see you over at the group and joining in the fun, if you would like to see the cards made and hang out with me live then please go and add yourself and let the fun begin.

For now here is a picture and video of my baby enjoying herself in the pool, and I will work hard to get some new cards up for you soon.

I hope you all have an amazing day and happy crafting

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