Sunday, 12 March 2017

1st Facebook Live Demonstration

Heya everyone! So last night I dove in the deep end and did my first ever Facebook Live Demonstration! I was absolutely terrified but it was a lot of fun and I loved being able to show the process of making my cards instead of just the finished product. So I intend to try and make it a regular thing, those who have joined my Sarahrious Crafts Live group over on Facebook are voting on what day suits them best for me to do these video's and I am excited to plan the next one!

In this first one I showed them how to make this card that I blogged about on the 24th of February.

As I had already given away the yellow version I posted that day I made a green version ahead of time and then during the video we made a pink and purple card as per one of my viewers request. I am so thrilled with how my first Facebook Live turned out, and while I definitely have room for improvement I felt good doing it and after so much fear over trying it and I am now so excited for the next one.

One issue I did have was my internet kept glitching resulting in some parts of the video being rather hard to see which is a shame. I was all ready to have a talk with my husband about organizing for him to maybe stay off the internet just while I do these videos, but then I walked out the where we keep our wifi modem and I saw the power cord that runs to it... turns out I needed to have a talk with my adorably naughty beagles. They had chewed the cord to the below extent, and had me wondering firstly, how are you two still alive and not hurt in any way? and secondly how did my internet still work at all!?

So I went to work at Bunnings today and picked myself up a new cord as well as some of those plastic cord tidy half circle tubes and our extension lead is now well out of reach of the puppies, so unless they learn to climb walls this technical issue hopefully wont be a reoccurring one. If your interested in joining in the next one be sure to head over to my Facebook group and add yourself into the fun! If you want to watch any on my Facebook Live video's back you can do so on the group or by checking out my Youtube.

Click on the products below to purchase them and make your own masterpieces.

I hope you all have an amazing Sunday night and I look forward to seeing you in the next blog post! Happy Crafting!