Friday, 9 May 2014

Baby Card

Hey everyone I have been wanting to blog this card for a while because I was so excited to make it as it meant my cousin finally had her baby and we finally found out that she had a baby girl! She was one of the few people who was patient enough to wait and let the gender of her child be anonymous, honestly I don't know how she had the will power I would so want to know.

Anyway, life has been super busy so it has taken me a few months since her birth to get this posted to show you all but I finally found a few seconds. So without further ado this is the card I made to congratulate my cousin and her husband on their beautiful baby girl :)

I loved creating this card but I loved going and meeting my little second cousin in the flesh even more so here is a photo of my first cuddle with her.

I also dabble in graphic design a little and created the birth announcement for this little angel and since I'm sharing more then just the card I figured I may as well share this too though I have erased last names out of respect of my cousin.

So there we have it little Ava Kate and a few of the things I have put together in honor of her arrival I couldn't be prouder of my cousin and just wish her and her little family lived a little closer so I could stalk them more often thank goodness for facebook in that respect :)

Have a beautiful day everyone and I will see you next time

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