Friday, 29 November 2013

My First Blog and Me!

Well I would like to start by welcoming any wayward wanders who might stumble onto my blog. I will mostly be using this blog to share my love of Stampin' Up! and the projects I create. However I thought I would start things off by introducing myself and sharing a little of me with you :)

My Boyfriend Callum and myself

Hi my name is Sarah, I have an amazing house which I brought this year with my boyfriend, it might be a little old and need some work but we own it and we love it. We share our house with our twin boys, they are quite the little characters and although they are twins their personalities couldn't be more different.

Hannibal is our little shy baby, he loves to come and sit on your lap for hours and get lots of snuggles but it will take him a while to pluck up the courage to do it. Lecter on the other hand is our little terror, he lives up to his name preferring to spend his "cuddle" time nomming your hand but we still love him to bits :)

Our twins Hannibal and Lecter
I work at Bunnings manning the phones by day, on my weekends I am either in my craft room playing with one thing or another, or I am out and about doing face painting. I like to be busy which might be why I always seem to overbook myself and never have quite enough time as I would like to craft.

Hannibal and Lecter love to come and "help" when I am crafting, sitting on my tools or knocking my paper to the ground. If they weren't so cute they would be getting told off all the time! Unfortunately I'm a softie so usually they get away with being little terrors.

Well that is the main run down of my little life so I will leave you there for today as I am off for a day out with my mum to get deep tissue massage yay! I hope you all have a lovely day and I would love to see you back here soon.


  1. I shall add you to my blog-reel! :D
    PS I love that photo of you and Callum, it's gorgeous~ xx

    1. Yay glad to have you here my dear :D and thanks I love it :D